Saturday, May 9, 2009

Stumbling Blocks and Major Stepping Stones

The last two weeks have had me worried and stressed about a variety of things after being laid off. Though I hadn't said anything to anyone I was pretty sure that my plans for racing this year would get postponed. It was the least of my worries compared to so many other things to consider. I have had many interviews just no major job offers yet. I am certian that something will come along and soon.

So I had seen a few stumbling blocks on the horizon and I was ignoring them and concentrating on more urgent issues at hand. That being said today I recieved a letter in the mail from Zanes Cycles ( Letter was congratulating me on being a recipient of a Trek 1.2 Triple and asked me to return the letter with my measurements or to fill out a form online. As I read this by the mailbox I wasn't certain if this was real or some gimmick. However my brain was telling me how in the world would a cycle shop in Connecticut being contacting me and not asking any other information other than my height and inseam? I researched the issue online and I quickly determined that I had a benefactor. I contacted this person and thanked them. I am so very grateful for this unbelievable gift and generosity.

I submitted the online form with my size information and my preassembled and tested Trek will be shipped to me in 14 days. I will keep you updated on when it arrives. I am stoked to have a new road bike! Below are a picture of the bike (not sure on the color -stock on hand) and a link to more info on the bike for those that like specs:

My New Bike!!


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Speed Bumps and Uphill Battles

This past week has been a real pain in the backside - an emotional rollercoaster and exhausting. I have been feeling sick or on the verge of getting sick and feeling run down. I have spent a lot of time looking for work and worrying and stressing. I didn't get in as much biking as the previous week. Only 62 2/3 miles in 3.5 hours - I also took a long break from riding and just got back on the bike again for an hour yesterday.

Weight loss last week was around 3 pounds but it all came back and I am reloosing the same weight again this week. It stinks but it is normal, the body does its thing to normalize things all the time and it will come off again soon. Looking forward to riding the bike this evening to blow off some stress and steam.

Weather is looking good for swimming soon and I spent some time getting the pool ready for swimming season on Saturday and even got in the pool - it was cold getting in but very nice afterwards and not chilly at all. 11 yr old scouts are coming over this evening to use the pool to pass off swimming reqs for rank advancement.

I want to thank the 2 newest contributors to my fund raiser - I know who you are and I thank you sincerely!

Had a few job interviews this week (last week I was hired part time at Wal-mart but no word on the results of my drug test - cross your fingers). I interviewed for a programming position and for a Level III Operations position with Wells Fargo. I have an interview lined up with Dish Network this Friday for a call center position.


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