Monday, June 15, 2009

Down down down...175...65 left to goal

Life is crazy to put it mildly. Lost my job. Got a new job. Bad with the good. Down and up. Worked days. Working nights now. Schedule seems to make blogging and staying in touch (and doing just about anything else I used to do) difficult. But we are very greatful to have a job and things are starting to stabilize and settle into a routine.

Now that is out of the way - I am happy to report that I am down 175 lbs today from my heaviest. I weighed in this morning at 250 lbs. 65 lbs to go to reach my goal. Also some of you know already but I got my bike - a Trek 1.2 T. It is so nice to ride on a real bike. Thanks to my benefactor that made the impossible a reality for me!

To those who have made contributions on this site I want to thank you. I was able to purchase my helmet and some padded bottoms (now if I can get a padded seat too - my rear hurts!) with your donations! With my own funds I also purchased a Camelbak.

Today I rode for an hour around town for a total of 15 miles.


Monday, May 11, 2009

Weight Loss and Math Don't Work

Here is a little tip for anyone trying to lose weight: don't give up, especially when you are trying to stick with your lifestyle changes and exercise and the scale isn't obeying the laws of the known universe.

Many people will in fact tell you to stay away from the "evil scale". I am a numbers/statistics kinda person so I have to weigh on a daily basis. I only note positive weight changes but trust me that the scale doesn't always go down for me.

There are many reasons why the weight comes off and sometimes doesn't come off when we are trying to eat better and exercise. Just know that "stick-to-it-iveness" is what is needed and that weight didn't pop on our bodies over night.


My body burns at rest about 3000 calories a day. I consume about 1600 to 1800 calories a day. That is a deficit of 1200 calories a day. Experts tell us that it takes 3500 calories burned to lose a pound or vice versa to gain weight. 7 x 1200 = 8400 Calorie deficit in the course of a week. 8400 / 3500 = 2.4 pounds that should have been shed by the end of the week. But wait there is more: I rode 109 miles on the bike which according to burned over 6200 Calories. That makes a total Calorie deficit of 14,600 or just over 4 lbs. Well after all the effort in eating well and riding so much I lost less than a pound (.6 lbs).

Am I discouraged? No. Do it like it? No. But it happens and it isn't anyone's fault. I just stick with the plan - my body is adjusting and that weight will come off eventually.

Moral: Stick to it. Never Give up. Just Do It.


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Stumbling Blocks and Major Stepping Stones

The last two weeks have had me worried and stressed about a variety of things after being laid off. Though I hadn't said anything to anyone I was pretty sure that my plans for racing this year would get postponed. It was the least of my worries compared to so many other things to consider. I have had many interviews just no major job offers yet. I am certian that something will come along and soon.

So I had seen a few stumbling blocks on the horizon and I was ignoring them and concentrating on more urgent issues at hand. That being said today I recieved a letter in the mail from Zanes Cycles ( Letter was congratulating me on being a recipient of a Trek 1.2 Triple and asked me to return the letter with my measurements or to fill out a form online. As I read this by the mailbox I wasn't certain if this was real or some gimmick. However my brain was telling me how in the world would a cycle shop in Connecticut being contacting me and not asking any other information other than my height and inseam? I researched the issue online and I quickly determined that I had a benefactor. I contacted this person and thanked them. I am so very grateful for this unbelievable gift and generosity.

I submitted the online form with my size information and my preassembled and tested Trek will be shipped to me in 14 days. I will keep you updated on when it arrives. I am stoked to have a new road bike! Below are a picture of the bike (not sure on the color -stock on hand) and a link to more info on the bike for those that like specs:

My New Bike!!


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